2 October 2020 Alexander Oleynichenko (Laboratory of Quantum Chemistry, junior researcher) was awarded the prize of the International Scientific Conference "Russian Supercomputing Days 2020" for the presentation of the EXP-T program system

25 June 2020 The PhD thesis «Violation of fundamental symmetries in atoms and molecules: P, T -odd Faraday effect and P-odd optical activity» was defended by D.V. Chubukov.

4 June 2020 Basing on theoretical investigations of T. Isaev (NRC KI - PNPI) and R. Berger (Marburg University) international collaboration at CERN has combined the power of a super collider with techniques of laser spectroscopy to precisely measure a short-lived radioactive molecule, radium monofluoride, for the first time

3 March 2020 The DSc thesis «Theoretical study of diatomic molecules to search for the electric dipole moment of electron» was defended by A.N.Petrov.

5 december 2019 Lomachuk Yu.V. was awarded a diploma for a report presented at the XVI interdisciplinary Kurchatov youth scientific school

8 July 2019 Leonid Skripnikov is now included in the Periodic Table of Younger Chemists as number element Fl (114).

26-30 November 2018 the Workshop on New Physics search with Cold and Controlled Molecules (NPCCM2018) will take place in Mainz (Germany). The workshop is organised by Timur Isaev (PNPI NRCKI, St. Petersburg), Mikhail Kozlov (PNPI NRCKI, St. Petersburg), Anna Viatkina (JGU) and Dmitry Budker (JGU).

13-14 ноября 2017 в ПИЯФ прошло Совещание по прецизионной атомно-молекулярной спектроскопии, организованное лабораторией квантовой химии